Big Payback

The Big Payback is a great way to help the people of Haiti!

The Big Payback is May 4th and 5th, 2022.  Early Giving starts April 27th at 6:00pm.  Click here to donate!

Clervil, Rose Tana & Rose Andree April 2018

Your gift to St. Joseph Worker Foundation will enable us to help the poor of Haiti in three ways:

  • by providing scholarships so needy children can attend school,
  • by helping the sick pay their medical expenses,
  • and by offering emergency assistance to those in desperate need.

For more than 30 years our student sponsor program and emergency assistance with medical and basic living needs have helped hundreds of families, but there are always many more needing assistance.  Your gift to St. Joseph Worker Foundation will help us continue to care for the people of Haiti.

THANK YOU! The Big Payback total giving was $5580. Amount given to those in need (as of 7-6-20): $5860

Current Needs

E Rose 20-02-23 copy 2
G Rotina 20-02-23 copy 2
A Shessie 20-02-23 copy 2

Rose E

Rent: Rose just finished secondary/high school. She has been living on the street.  She and her mother could not afford the rent: $600 per year.

UPDATE: Rose was given $350 and found a less expensive place to rent. She also received $500 for funeral expenses for her brother and an additional $500 for funeral and living expenses.

Rotina G

Rent, Money for Commerce: Rotina has six children. Her husband is in the Dominican Republic looking for work. She needs $325 for rent and would like money to do commerce so she cans support her family: $200.

UPDATE: Rotina received $325 for rent and $250 for commerce.

Shessie A

Eye Exam, Glasses: Shessie is 11 years old and in 6th grade. She needs $250 for an eye exam and glasses.

UPDATE: Shessie received $250 for her exam and glasses.  Her mother received $250 for commerce.

N Djimy 20-02-23 - Post
P Merline 20-02-23 copy
L Lussiandro 20-02-23 copy 2

Djimy N

Medication: Djimy’s arm was badly burned in an accident.  He needs medications costing $40. He also walks 45 minutes each day to and from school, so he would like a bicycle: $125.

UPDATE: Djimy received money for a bicycle and medication through Viola who cares for him.

Merline P

Operation: Merline needs money for an operation: $285.

UPDATE: Merline received $285 for an operation and $250 for commerce.

Lussiandro L

Eye exam, Glasses: Lussiandro is 14 years old and in 7th grade.  He needs $200 for an eye exam and glasses.

UPDATE: Lussiandro received $200.

F Madam Amos Feb 2019 copy 2
J Rose-Michel 20-02-23 copy 2
P Dulia copy

Amos & Marie F

Rebuild home: Their mud home is deteriorating. They need about $2500 to rebuild their home.

UPDATE: Amos and Marie received $1000 toward rebuilding their home.

Rose-Michel J
Loan to buy a truck: The old truck Rose’s husband uses to haul materials and people between towns will not last much longer.  He needs a loan of $2000 to buy a new truck.  Rose says the truck feeds her children.
Laptop & Phone: Rose helps coordinate our Student Sponsor Program.  To improve communication with us and students she needs a laptop ($500) and a smart phone ($150).
UPDATE: Rose received $650 for laptop & phone.

Dulia P

Money for commerce: Dulia is a talented, capable woman who has suffered through illness and hard times.  She requests money so that she can do commerce and support herself: $200.

UPDATE: Dulia received $250 for commerce.

B Viola Feb 2019 copy 2
J Flamessia 20-02-23 copy
P Merlande 20-02-23 copy

Viola B

Money for commerce: Viola cares for 8 children, most of them orphans of relatives who have died.  She requests money for commerce so she can support them: $200.

  UPDATE: Viola received $100 for food and medication and $250 for commerce.

Flamessia J

Money for commerce: Flamessia is the big sister who cares for several younger brothers and sisters.  Their parents are deceased.  She says she needs tin to fix a leaky roof, and the price of food, transportation, etc. keep rising.  She requests money to do commerce so she can cover those expenses.

UPDATE: Flamessia received $250 for commerce.

Merlande P

Professional School: Merlande needs help to learn “tourism” at a professional school so she can work in a hotel. The two year program costs $360 per year.

SA Magdala 20-02-23 copy
E Wilton Feb 2019 copy 2
J B Beekant 20-02-23 copy

Magdala S

Work in Canada: Magdala wants to participate in a program that would enable her to work in Canada and support her family.  Including passport, transportation and inscription, the cost is $2500.

UPDATE: In late July Magdala's brother was in a car accident and needed surgery. We sent her $250 to help with his medical expenses.

Wilton E

University Studies: Wilton is a talented student who would like to study at UTESA University in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  The cost for his visa, travel, tuition, room and board is $2400 per year, or half that for one 6-month session.

Beekant J

Phone charging equipment: Beekant requests a loan so he can purchase equipment, including an inverter, battery, solar panel, controller and cables, to provide charging for cell phones: $1924.

UPDATE: Beekant received $300 - rent for him and three brothers.

J Cassandre 20-02-23 copy

Cassandre J

Surgery for her Father: Cassandre contacted us July 25th pleading for help for her father, Wilson, who needed a pacemaker. The family needed $3000 for the surgery.

UPDATE: Generous donors quickly responded with the entire amount which we sent to Cassandre. After dealing with some delays her dad received the pacemaker on August 12th . He is doing well and Cassandre is incredibly grateful.

Sponsor a Student

Please help a needy child in Haiti get a good education and break the cycle of poverty.  Visit our Student Sponsorship page to learn more about our sponsorship program.

Provide Emergency Assistance with Medical or Basic living needs

The average person in Haiti survives on less than $1 US per day, putting many basic necessities out of reach for the Haitian people. People struggle to feed their families the basics of rice and beans. While food costs have increased in the US, in Haiti they have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled. More and more people come to us hungry each time we visit. While doctors are available in Haiti, patients must pay up front for their tests and treatment. Despite being less expensive than medical costs in developed countries, a $30 fee for x-rays and medicine is often too much. Eyeglasses are similar in cost to the US, often costing $200-$300 or more. People must often wait months or years until they save a few hundred dollars for a necessary surgery. Often, they never get the surgery at all.

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