Clervil, Rose Tana & Rose Andree April 2018

Your gift to St. Joseph Worker Foundation will enable us to help the poor of Haiti in three ways:

  • by providing scholarships so needy children can attend school,
  • by helping the sick pay their medical expenses,
  • and by offering emergency assistance to those in desperate need.

For more than 30 years our student sponsor program and emergency assistance with medical and basic living needs have helped hundreds of families, but there are always many more needing assistance.  Your gift to St. Joseph Worker Foundation will help us continue to care for the people of Haiti.

Sponsor a Student

Please help a needy child in Haiti get a good education and break the cycle of poverty. Visit our Student Sponsorship page to learn more about our Sponsor a Student program.

To sponsor a student please provide us with your contact information here.

Provide Emergency Assistance

Please consider donating to our medical or basic living needs funds.  The average person in Haiti survives on less than $1 US per day, putting many basic necessities out of reach for the Haitian people.

Basic Needs

People struggle to feed their families the basics of rice and beans. While food costs have increased in the US, in Haiti they have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled. More and more people come to us hungry each time we visit.


Medical Needs

While doctors are available in Haiti, patients must pay up front for their tests and treatment. Despite being less expensive than medical costs in developed countries, a $30 fee for x-rays and medicine is often too much. Eyeglasses are similar in cost to the US, often costing $200-$300 or more. People must often wait months or years until they save a few hundred dollars for a necessary surgery. Often, they never get the surgery at all.


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St. Joseph The Worker is committed to the people of Haiti.  You can assist with the personal and educational development of individuals and groups in Haiti.  The Foundation also provides care and relief for Haiti's medically ill and impoverished.  Please use the links above to see how you can help.