Student Sponsor Program

We are currently sponsoring 35 students in elementary or secondary/high school and several students attending universities or trade schools.  Students come from very poor families who have been recommended to us by priests in Haiti.  Some are orphans or have only one parent.  None of them could afford to attend school without our help. 

Fr. Michelin Pierre and Rose-Michel Joseph, one of the first students we helped many years ago, coordinate our sponsor program in Haiti.  Each school year we ask sponsors to make a donation for the students they are sponsoring.  Fr. Michelin then distributes the money to each student, and they use the money to pay for their tuition, fees, uniform and school supplies.  100% of the money sponsors provide is given to the students they are sponsoring.     

It is the responsibility of each student to study hard in school, and to bring their report card demonstrating their efforts at the end of each trimester.  Students are asked to pray for their sponsors and to write letters telling them how they are doing and expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to attend school. 

To sponsor a student or request more information Click Here.

Annual Sponsorships Available

Would you like to help a needy student get a good education and have hope for a brighter future?  Over 40 students, ranging from elementary school, through middle school to secondary/high school, have requested financial assistance so that they can attend school. Like children everywhere, their smiling faces invite us to reach out to them in their need, and education is surely the best way of helping them break the cycle of poverty. 

Sponsoring a child involves two things, praying for them and making a donation to help them pay for school.  An annual gift $450 covers most of their school expenses, but we accept whatever amount you choose to give.  You can give the money all at once, or quarterly, semiannually, or however works best for you.  You will receive a photo and information about the student, as well as a letter from the student letting you know how much they appreciate your help.

Your sponsorship is for one school year at a time, with the hope that you will continue helping your student each year.  Sponsoring a student has great benefits.  Your gift is tax-deductible, and you can count on your student’s daily prayers for you.

A student is praying that you will respond soon.  To sponsor a child or get more information, Click Here and provide us with your contact information.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

“Ancient” Students

In the 30+ years we have been helping students, many have completed their studies and now have families of their own.  They refer to themselves as “ancien elev”, which in Haitian Creole means older or former students.  While a few of them now have good jobs, with Haiti’s 70% unemployment rate, most do not.  We are continuing to encourage and offer moral support to our “ancient” students in finding ways to provide for themselves, their families and their community. 

While we can’t change the situation in Haiti, we have been meeting with a group of these former students each month for prayer, training in skills needed to find or create work for themselves, and mutual support.  It can be very discouraging to fail over and over to find a job.  It means a lot to them that we have not forgotten them.  We are delighted to now have Fr. Michelin, himself an entrepreneur, working with us.  We are confident he will inspire our “ancient” students to persevere in their efforts, and to make good use of their education as they take the initiative to create work for themselves. 

To help our "Ancient Students" and our our job creation efforts please consider donating below.

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