Jeff, age 19:

I write you today with the objective for me to give you thanks for the help you are giving me so that I can advance in my studies.  I am conscious that things are not easy, that economic situations are not always correct, but even so you sacrifice for me to find economic help, money for me to pay my school.  Thank you very much for this special consideration.  I hope that God will not fail to bless you for the good things you do for me.  Please accept my distinguished sentiments, my profound thanksgiving, and my respectful salutations!

Dhimkly, age 19:

In the name of the Lord who has all power I tell you hello.  I’m very happy to be able to write to you today, dear sponsor.  How are your family?  For myself, Haiti is truly unsafe.  We have become a locked country.  Now there are kidnappings.  The poor have become miserable.  Only God can say a word (speak) for us now.  To finish I ask God to bless you and all your family.

Shessie, Age 11:

I am happy to write you today for me to tell you thank you for how you help my mother with my school. Despite the situation of life you are always helping us. Thank you isn’t enough for me to tell you. It is for God to always shed his grace on you for that.
I write you for me to tell you that my mother’s house burned. We don’t have a place for us to sleep. It is other people’s house that we sleep. My mother sleeps one place. I sleep another place. That does not keep us well. Along with that, I am telling you that the school is more expensive because the life is more expensive. We cannot eat. My mother is sick, but cannot go to the hospital. I am telling you thank you in advance because I know you will not drop me. I am always praying for you to God to always shed his grace on you.

Daneshka, age 10:

I greet you in the name of Jesus. I feel happy today for me to be able to write you these few little words. Here where I am, everyone is in good shape thanks to God. I am telling you today many thanks for what you have done for me. God will repay all of that. When I finish my school, I would like to become a great nurse. That is my whole dream since I was very little. I always knew and I told my mother that as I finish school that is what I wanted to do. Help me pray that I do not have to retake a class.



Lussiandro, age 14:

I write today so I can tell you thank you for what you have done for me and for what you are continuing to do for me, for how you are always thinking of me.  I am always praying for God to always give you the grace to that you can help me.  Life is truly difficult for me.  I am asking for you to help me so I can support others.  I am asking God to always bless you and to give you grace.  Thank you.


Jempsly, age 15:

I thank you very much because you send money for the school.  I am asking God to bless you more, to give you strength and courage, and for the program to advance further.  After God, it is you.  If you would leave me one day for no account, or you don’t pay the school for me again, I am like a person who is not worth anything.  Please help me so I don’t fall.  Hold me fast.  May God bless you very, very much.

Amsterlie, age 15:

Most very dear Sponsor,
I feel very happy for me to present the gratitude I have for you. I give you thanks very much for the good things you do.
I want to let you know that I love you very much. I tell you thank you very, very much for everything you have done for me. This thank you comes from the bottom of my heart.

May God bless you even more each day, protect you, give you more courage in your work, along with your family.



Chaicha, age 13:

I am an orphan.  My mother died.  It’s an aunt of mine who was occupied paying my school.  She had a stroke, she died.  I don’t have the possibility for them to be able to pay the school for me.  Please look for help for me because I would not like to leave the school.  Both my mother and my father, they died.  It is on you that I count because I don’t have anyone else to pay my school.  For the moment, it is you yourself who are my mother, you who are my father.  Because I don’t have anyone else.  It is on you that I am counting.  As a child like this, I can’t manage well.  I need a person to help me.  Thank you in advance.  I count on you because you are the only hope I have.  Please find help for me.  Please.



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