Andy FAndy:

We don’t have any leaders who think about us. The country has lots of criminals. That’s the reason many people are leaving Port-au-Prince and staying in the provinces, and everything we hear from them is that they left Port-au-Prince because of the bandits. Everything is blocked, which makes everything
more expensive. That means the Haitian people in general cannot live easily. The solution for me…since everything is getting more expensive, is to see how we can plan the awareness of the country and put our heads together to get out of this big problem. Housing is very expensive, we cannot live well. The Haitian people find themselves in difficulty even for them to eat.

Caneus JCaneus:

The biggest problem is insecurity and there aren’t enough jobs for the population to feel they are living well.  Because we don’t have good leaders who want to help us find a solution to finding jobs so we can find money to send children to school.

If the authorities of the country of Haiti sit together to resolve the problems of insecurity, of work, of other needs, so the population feels they are living well, then God and the angels in heaven will be happy.

Raynande PRaynande:

For me to explain the difficulties in the country of Haiti, it is with much heartbreak and sadness because each day there are many problems, guns are in the hands of children 15 years old, girls in prostitution, many young boys fall into homosexuality, and (since) there are no jobs all the men fall into crime, (they) prevent people from leaving to a country of white people.  For me there is no life in Haiti.  A mother of a child closes her stomach because things are very tough.

I can tell you there is a solution because there is another generation that can arrive and be worse, but as soon as the political authorities wanted they would have a total capital solution.


Problem of insecurity, hunger, to pay for a house to sleep, we don’t find work.  The situation in not good at all for us in Haiti. They are killing our brothers every day.

It is God who can remove us from the difficulties of the country.  We are praying even more for the country to leave this dirty place.

Student Perspectives. . .



Richard FRichard:

Haiti is full of problems, but insecurity and high cost of life are the two biggest problems the country knows at the moment.

The solution is for us all to do what’s best for all.


MirlineMirline J:

Haiti has lots of economic instability.  We who are working, it’s as if we’re not working.  What they pay cannot respond to the needs of my family.  Everything in the country is expensive.  We cannot eat, we cannot pay rent, we can’t send children to school. Everything’s expensive and there’s no money.

Even if the government of the country doesn’t do anything about the economic insecurity, if we had a little more money we could invest it in a business to make more money.  That way we could face the problems of expensive food, rent, school…

Marie-Helene FMarie-Helene:

We are in a country (where) we live with many problems.  Life is expensive, insecurity.  Above all, in the moment we are living, there is a great political instability.  In the face of this situation I do not feel well.  I feel vulnerable in the face of any catastrophy.

There is a solution, but I don’t see how that will happen in Haiti because the corruption makes a huge budget deficit.  Haiti is living without counting the insecurity that is creating criminals.




The problem in Haiti is that we have evil leaders who are directing the country.  They don’t have a conscience.  They pass by (but) they don’t see the people. They don’t have the capacity to lead, while they travel they don’t take anything that is good.  They are wicked.  They love themselves and their families but they don’t love the people, while it is the people who put them there.  They show the people ingratitude.

The solution is to have an awareness of all the people, especially while they see that they make the people suffer too much, for them to give the country another chance.  Because we have a country the Virgin blesses, and God loves Haiti.  There are many people who live in Haiti who love Haiti too.  We want to live in peace in our country.




The country, things are very difficult.

Security, Work


In the country of Haiti we have many problems.  We don’t have security, food is expensive.  Where I am we eat once a day.  Sometimes we don’t find (food) at all.  I am often sick with stomach problems.  I have children in the family who cannot go to school, and I can’t help them.

As for a solution for me, I have a room in a house.  If it was repaired and I found help, I could do a little business which could help with the problems I am facing.


We are really in difficulty.  The problem of hospital, insecurity, the problem of nutrition, of everything else. 

If all you other nations put your heads together to help us pray, one day like that we will tell you thank you for everything.  I am happy that you are helping us in participation.  May God in his love protect you in everything.

Wilton EWilton:

Our biggest problem in the country is because we don’t have security for us to manage our activities.  While we have a profession, we cannot find work.  In Haiti they don’t give young people who have the desire an opportunity to work.  That’s why we are faced with many difficulties in life.

The solution to resolve all those problems is to give us, especially young people, a chance to make use of our talents, so that we can help our families and all other people who are in need.

Student Perspectives. . .



Because of the insecurity in the country people cannot circulate freely.  Gangs are killing people each day, they are kidnapping people.  Don’t have food, don’t have money, don’t have work.  We are suffering every day.

To have a solution, the Haitian government must take the lives of people seriously.  On the contrary, there are leaders who enter gangs and kidnapping rather than creating jobs for the people to find a solution.



We have many problems in our country, for example: insecurity, misery, we don’t have access to potable water, nor to take care of health.  Haitians truly live badly.  Each day there is more and more misery.

We Haitians need to take awareness, for us to put our heads together, for us to stop being angry with each other, stop doing other wickedness, for us to have a beautiful objective to remove those from the country.

Yomene PYomene:

In our country we don’t have our heads together.  That means the country cannot move.  Injustice, the sick do not find care, so they don’t find a little health. 

If we take consciousness (of the needs of all), we’ll find solutions for our problems.  Life is expensive, we can’t pay for school nor a trade.



Yvon St VYvon:

The difficulty is that life is expensive, don’t have work, don’t have money for people to do commerce for them to support themselves and their families.  They cannot eat well because life is so expensive, unemployment.  It makes problems of insecurity, gangs, kidnappings.  But the problem of insecurity is more in Port-au-Prince.

Haitians love to work, they love to do business.  If they find money to borrow, they will create honest businesses.  If they find work, they will have money in their hands, and there will be less hunger, less gangs, less kidnappings




In Haiti we have a political problem, a problem of corruption.  Because of that, even if a person studies, you cannot find work, because they choose people from among themselves to give the jobs to, even if the person is not qualified.

There is a solution, but that solution must begin within ourselves, for us to take consciousness of the situation, put our heads together, work together, stay honest, don’t abuse, work so that the country can have a better tomorrow.

Student Perspectives. . .

Beekant JBeekant:

In my country of Haiti the problems are many and grave: problems that life is too expensive, insecurity, political instability.

All those problems have a solution.  To combat insecurity: make a system of stable surveillance, form a military and give the necessary equipment, take measures and punish groups of gangs.  To combat that life is too expensive, give equipment to cultivate the land and create factories to transform produce.


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